Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a quickie..

Letting ya'll know I'm still alive. Busy as all hell :/ I'll post a full update later on.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It, indeed, has been a long time. My apologies. I was in Reno for a while, and then my grandma died, then school started, now school, sucky.
Singing a lot more now though, and acting. I'll be doing lots of shows this year. Including singing on my birthday. Ha.
But; I'm at 180 days.!
I did do one thing stupid, but I didn't cut. So, 180 days.
It's odd that I don't exactly know what else to say. I'm exhausted. Just finished one singing audition today, tomorrow have two acting auditions and a choir performance. And trying to maintain all A's and B's. Right on:/

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hiah! It's been a while. Poems soon to come, I promise.
But; 93 days cut free! Holy cheese, right??
101 is my record. Almost to beat it! And I'm happy as well.
Uhm not much to say. Soo... poems soon. Haha[:
With love,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

And now another update.

Alrighty. It's been a few weeks. Let's see....

School: sucks and barely passing. (Barely as in.. passing for high school diploma not college and by like 3%.)
Home: what's new:/ same old same old. Dad and step mom are sick (not a cold. Like, could be bad.) and they almost got divorced and i dont know anymore its just ugh.
Moving on.
At the moment I am cut-free 37 days!
But it's really hard (at least i'm trying, right?)
I had a little drug overdose over spring break a week and a half ago.
I thought I was dead at one point.
I have a show next week, singing yay!
Uhm. I don't really know everythings pretty static same old messed up sucky life.
Oh, mothers' day is tough, went to the cemetery to see momma today.
6 feets of dirt and rocks between us though.
Updates and such to be done again soon.

Free verse: Mommy.

You are strong to leave us.
You are strong to fight.
You made me believe,
You gave me courage.
To live a life without you
is the hardest thing I'll ever have to do.
My angel above,
My saving grace,
Living for your name.
I love you
forever and a day,
my mommy.

A Haiku

Wisdom on the streets,
"i don't want coins, i want change,"
his cardboard sign reads.


A Cinquain poem.

Peanut Butter.
Rich, Creamy,
Soothing, Calming, Relaxing.
Gluing together broken hearts.
My comfort food.